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The Admin by the steam name of DG | Kirakii The Lotus Dragon has been falsely accusing and banning people among the server Surf/RPG DM. He has recently banned me for no reason but in his words he would say that I had someone kill him in GTA5 Which is another game other than CSGO. So can you please remove my IpBan that the user DG | Kirakii The Lotus Dragon has done. I have talked to numerous people among the server and when he arrives on the server he is always falsely banning people with no reasons. Once he has banned a player for killing him over and over, and another he has banned a player for having lag.

Here is given proof that he has banned me while I Was offline and has done something completely unnecessary to a friend of mine:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Partytime [Master DJ]: Lotus, acted all smart when I said hmm.. I wonder whose alt that could be. Told me he banned you and I was like. Hmm, I wonder why there aren't anymore people on the server. Oh, I know ----> Self-Centered Lotus, told him I don't care if he bans me and congratulated him on ruining the server.
Partytime [Master DJ]: xD
¤MBM¤ Deadphish62: lol
¤MBM¤ Deadphish62: right
¤MBM¤ Deadphish62: he always says he banned me
¤MBM¤ Deadphish62: oh wow he did ban me how sad he just does things for himself...
Partytime [Master DJ] is now Online.
Partytime [Master DJ]: He gagged and muted me instead of banning me
¤MBM¤ Deadphish62: wtf is his problem...

You try yourself joining the server and trying to have things the way its supposed to go while he is on. ask others what they think of him.

Admin wish to be dealt with:

Proof Of Ban:

Picture of Steam Rep:

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Im sorry to hear your having trouble with that, we would usually be willing to figure something out on a possibly unreasonable ban but unfortunately we do not own the Surf/RPG DM server, nor is Kirakii an admin for our servers on the server page.

You will want to make your post on the clans website that owns that server which i believe is the SCA Clan.

Sorry i cant help you any further with this issue, but thanks for taking the time to make a post and i will look into it myself anyway.
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