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Pass users app for Membership? (BigJay)

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DG |-=BigJay=-

DG | Veteran
DG | Member
Your first name: jason
Your age: 42
Your Steam name: -=BigJay=-

1. Do you belong to a clan? no
2. Do you understand and agree to follow our rules? yes
3. Have you joined our Prospects Steam group? yea

Tom Da Bomb

Staff member
DG | Developer
DG | Staff
DG | Admin
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vote passes and congrats Jay!

although thats not very surprising so welcome back, we often get some ppl coming and going at times, which is fine of course cuz thats just life lol, things change / stuff happens then you adjust accordingly

* i just gotta finish up moving some stuff around so i can get my pc setup, then i can send you another steam group invite, but otherwise your good to add your [DG] tag back for profile name
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