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Congrats! Brent's Application

Pass Brentacus' App for Membership?

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DG | Member
Your first name: Brent
Your age: 24
Your Steam name: Bren†

1. Do you belong to a clan? No
2. Do you understand and agree to follow our rules? Yes
3. Have you joined our Prospects Steam group Yes

Tom Da Bomb

Staff member
DG | Developer
DG | Staff
DG | Admin
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DG | Member
Pole has closed and vote passed, Congrats! Brentacus!

ill get to making the necessary changes and send you and invite to the DG members Steam group once i can, my external drive shat on me so im currently working off the Steam App from my phone for now, but ill get ya squared away


DG | Member
Congrats and welcome Brentacus.
Thanks bigdog. It is a honor to be a member of the DuskGamers. This is the first clan I’ve ever joined. I hope to catch you and others on the game some day. Wether that future be near or far.