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How to Add Emulator Programs As Non-Steam Games

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How to Add Emulator Programs As Non-Steam Games
(or to any platform that allows you to add games that arent a part of that platform, non-Steam games, non-GOG games etc.)

In this short guide i will describe the best way i found to add your old classic games you play from Emulator Programs as Non-Steam games, and in this way each game will be named properly and have its own Library / Screenshots entry for your friends to view from your profile, so hopefully its helpful to someone. (To start i do not condone piracy even of classic games, you need to own a legit copy of the game before playing it in an Emulator, and in most cases the console the program emulates cuz it just makes sense, this guide is for those people)

Add Multiples of the Emulators .exe file by Renaming Them in Your Library

*Notice* - this guide is for users that already know what the Emulator programs are, otherwise the short and thick of it is they are programs you can use to play your old console games on newer PC's, so check that topic out first and especially the legality part, then come back here.*

So if your like me you tried to add your old console games with the Emulator programs as a Non-Steam game, but of course if you launch more than 1 game through an Emulator then all the screenshots for all the games on the platform the program emulates will all be under the same Screenshots name tag.

and if you try to rename the emulator that is the Non-Steam game in your Steam Library to the same name as what game your going to play through it, then it makes multiple tags for that game name in your screenshots area if you play it more than once, so they get mixed up with duplicates.

So all you have to do is add the Emulator program multiple times, lets say you have the Project64 Emulator program cuz you own a couple N64 games from back in the day, and you want to add your "Perfect Dark" and "Super Smash Bros" for example to your Steam Library as Non-Steam games, then all you have to do is go into Steam and add the Project64.exe as a Non-Steam game, then go in your Library and find the Project64 entry that was just made and right click on it, then on the little drop menu click properties, then in the Non-Steam games properties menu you can literally rename the game, so rename the 1st one to "Perfect Dark".

(just make sure when you set the name for the 1st time you get it right, cuz changing the name after you take 1 screenshot will result in multiple game tags for that game name even if you change it back to the 1st name you set, then you would have to delete all the screenshots in the past game name tag to make it disappear)



Then repeat the same steps cuz you can add the same .exe program multiple times if you change the name in your Steam Library, so after adding Project64.exe as a Non-Steam game again a 2nd time go in and find it in your Library, then go to its properties and change the name of the game to "Super Smash Bros", and voila! you can keep doing so for as many old games you own, and this way when you wanna play "Perfect Dark" just launch that from your Steam Library or make a desktop icon, which it will just launch the Emulator program itself, then you make sure you load the game in the Emulator that you launched from your Steam Library, so if you take screenshots it has its own screenshots area in your profile.

(if you check my screenshots above you can see that in the Tags: line it has the actual name of the game, even tho its not a clickable link since its a Non-Steam game)

Or you could just call the Emulator in your library the name of its console like "Nintendo 64" and all the games you load and play through it will have their screenshots under that Tags: line, (just like the "SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics" does currently with its screenshots) but i wanted each of my games to have its own entry for screenshots.

*Again i feel like i should not have to say this but this is not consent for piracy, make sure you own the game before adding it, especially since your adding it to Steam with the rest of your legit games, and i know it doesnt seem like a big deal cuz the games are old and it wont make a big difference in the dev / publishers financial status today, but these games are still hard worked projects that took a lot of time, finances, effort, and in some cases a little love, so if you have to just go on Ebay / Amazon or something and look for a copy of the old game to buy so you own rights to its use.

(technically your supposed to dump your own games files to a rom / .bin for use, although not everyone has the skills or equipment to do that, unless its a disc game cuz an .iso file is easy, so if you make sure you own it first then at the very least your trying to be as legit as possible, and its nice to try and have a little integrity now a days)

Of course everyone will make their own decisions but remember your activity in the game that you may not own rights to will be on your Steam profile, and all the screenshots so its easy for whoever that would have a problem with it to find, so if you dont own a game you play through an Emulator program then just definitely dont add it to Steam lol, especially since Steam is cool enough to let us add our old games, or didnt try to patch adding an .exe multiple times at least.*

I should also add to end things that i did read through the Steam Subscriber Agreement back when i started adding my old Console games around Christmas in 2017, which i didnt see anything about the content to be added as a Non-Steam game other than no Piracy / Cracked Copies of course, so if there is an issue with adding for example Nintendo games from N64, or whatever old Console games, im guessing Steam will update the SSA to specify, and hopefully give everyone a notice to remove the games and screenshot content for Non-Steam games even if your completely legit cuz the devs / publishers dont want content for their games (like screenshots) to show up on a platform they didnt release them for.