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How to find your Steam ID / ID3 or ID64 (while in and not in-game)


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To find your Steam ID:

1.) Go to your Steam profile page.
2.) Right click your avatar picture and select the "Copy Page URL" option from the drop menu.
3.) Go to this website and paste the above URL in the input box then click lookup. (make sure you didnt copy/record it wrong, 1 number difference is a completely different user)

Steam ID = [STEAM_0:0:00000000]
Steam ID3 = [U:0:00000000]
Steam ID64 = [0000000000000]

Note, your Steam ID64 is part of your steam community profile. (ie "steamcommunity.com/profiles/00000000000000000/")


To find your Steam ID while in a Source Engine game: (like CS:S, L4D2, CS:GO, GMod, etc.)

1.) Open the Developers Console with the `~ key (also known as the Tilda key).
2.) Then type out status in the entry line and press enter / click submit.
3.) Check the info lines to find the players name, and depending on which Source game it is, it will be [STEAM_0:0:00000] or [U:0:00000000] next to their name in the list.
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