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L4D2 Coop Servers - Plugin Bugged on Linux - So 8 Player Coop is Down

Tom Da Bomb

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Just forgot to make an announcement thread here for the change to our DG Coop #1 & #3 Custom Servers for L4D2

since there seems to be a bug in the Superversus plugin we use for 8 player Coop, we had to switch the settings on the Coop #1 and #3 8 Player L4D2 Servers to run the same 4 player setup we have always had working on the Coop #2 Default L4D2 Server, which is just a bunch of fixed settings we adjusted for our players default L4D2 gameplay enjoyement, and also so we can all play regular 4 Player style L4D2 with friends, and still play on Custom / Workwshop campaigns with good ping and performance

basically for the mean time till we can get the fixed we will have them all run 4 Player settings for everyone to still use and have a couple more options at a regular 4 player L4D2 server to use when playing online with friends on a Workshop Campaign (see the L4D2 Custom Campaign List discussion in the DG Public Steam Group for a list of campaigns we have installed and enabled for all our L4D2 game servers running Coop Gamemode - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/duskgamers-public/discussions/0/1457328927827526561/ )

so hopefully someone will come along and figure out the bug in the Superversus plugin for Linux and we can re-enable the 8 Player Coop settings for our L4D2 Coop #1 and #3 Custom Servers, which enough ppl still play and enjoy L4D2 so im pretty sure it will get fixed eventually, just how long? we arent sure but we'll keep everyone posted if things come back together again.