Recent CHS Health Issues (Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome)

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    i caught word of a "disorder" going around called CHS for short, where basically marijuana is causing organ failures etc. in people, which they seem to be thinking its some kind of genetic like thing almost where some people are prone to its effects when using marijuana, heres the college students thesis project on the subject

    which quickly started to spread as other people have probably had similar strange events happen and also found marijuana to be a relating factor, of course the media likes to sensationalize it like weed is bad and now its being legalized we are finding out new bad effects cuz more people are using it, but i have another theory on whats happening with these weed cases that i will explain below for anyone that cares xP

    i myself have noticed a problem with the quality of some marijuana recently as well, mainly the last 5 or 6 years so since 2015 pretty much (source link), my 1st though was why now? its been fine for so long till recently so what happened? and the answer i came to is things started to get legalized in some states, which normally thats not a bad thing

    but what i personally think happened is once it legalized in a few states recreationally, a lot of people started to set up legitimate grow systems with greenhouses and special equipment that would have been hard to use when growing marijuana up till now cuz it wasnt legal so would bring too much attention to you, which the #1 thing i hear about a lot of new legal growers are getting into is all the "plant food" systems, where you can buy a liquid plant food like Miracle Gro (source link)

    the problem here is these people probably dont read the directions or anything and think that more food is more plant which is all more better!, but not realizing your only supposed to give your plants the liquid plant food for a few months and let it clean and cleanse itself of the concentrated nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon etc. that the plant food gives the plants to grow more vegetation quickly

    so basically since the marijuana has been legalized people are setting up shop with big legit grow systems, and also using probably plant food suppliments, which leaves way too much nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus etc. in the plants, so when they harvest and send it to the dispensary or medical marijuana places even (depending on how much they do quality control), people end up getting chemical rich weed which they smoke leading to organ failure etc. and once i looked more into the results of nitrogen poisoning, and carbon poisoning (info links) on the human body it all started to match up closer to what people are saying happened to family and friends they think had this CHS disorder (its also pretty damning that a common thing that relieves carbon poisoning is a Hot Shower, which is said to slightly alleviate the symptoms of CHS too)

    so i figured i would post this for a record with a date of when i did it lol cuz i would be pissed if in the future it turned out this is whats happening, but also to warn anyone to make sure you know what your green goodies are, make sure if it tastes funny and gives you a slight headache with bad coughing, then stay away, and sometimes its subtle if the plant food chemicals arent super concentrated, but for some people with longer periods of using the only slightly tainted buds might slowly be getting these issues building up and not know why

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