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round resetting when 1 player leaves (or maybe gets kicked for being afk)


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was playing with 1 player already on server in spectators. got about 1/3 of way into 75 zombies and round randomly reset when he left (zombies randomly won). i assume he got kicked. i have no problem with this but someone else on a later day might find this really annoying , i don't know if anything can be done about it, but i just wanted to bring it to everyone's attention.


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Thanks for the feedback. I'm aware of this behavior. It happens when there are 2 players on the server, and one of them leaves. It also happens when there is 1 player on the server, and another joins.

I have no fix/solution at the moment.


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thanks for heads up, i have not experienced the player joining one, is it possible it does not do anything if new player joins spectate first?
thats only situations ive had so far.