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Ban Reduced Snake [STEAM_0:0:151136831]

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Steam Name: Snake
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:151136831
Link to ban: Link

This is Snake, and i got banned for calling an annoying player a "fag". Although i understand that we should respect other players and its the rules, i feel as though he doesnt respect others either, and there are plenty of other players that would agree that he is very annoying and disrespectful as well. I believe his name is 4Life or something he is from the clan [Monster]. Many players complain about him being very annoying and he continues doing so, and when somebody calls him out for it and treats him like he does others with no respect, i get banned. He does not stop talking and even when asked nicely he just says no and continues, and at points his friends from his clan join in and it becomes even worse. I dont disrespect any other players, and have never done so either, except for him, because he is extremely annoying and doesnt stop. Any other player can vouch for me that i am not disrespectful to any other player in the server, so i would like to get unbanned.


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If someone is disrespectful on our server, get a demo, and make a ban request. We will deal with the player. Fighting fire with fire never works. Being disrespectful encourages more disrespect.

Ban reduced to 1 day.
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