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Tom's Musings, Proverbs, and Random Assorted - "Wisdom" - ? lol

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List of Random Stuff, and or Boring Tips

figured i should make a thread to use as a good ideas / things to remember and or keep in mind, and hopefully it might be helpful to someone at some point, and i use the term Wisdom very loosely lol

⭐️ A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste ~~~~~~ and you dont waste a mind by, being wrong / incorrect when evaluating whatever, you waste a mind by not using it at all in the 1st place to think about the topic and follow it to a conclusion. So your not dumb by coming to the wrong conclusion, your stupid by not even considering anything to come to a conclusion to begin with. (so try to avoid "Auto-Pilot" behavior / thinking, which is also considered "Being an NPC" lol)

⭐️ American Democracy is NOT supposed to be a 2 party system, and is definitely Not a Team Sport.
there is no such thing as "bi-partisan politics" in Democracy, thats just what they do so they can keep the public arguing between each other, instead of demanding the ppl we pay to organize this stuff actually do their jobs. Dont let the Republicrats lie to you ❗❗❗ so reguardless of your usual or general

(like wise there is no such thing as a "3rd Party" in US Democracy, they are all political parties and its all just poitics, they label them as "3rd parties"

o purposely make voters devalue and ignore them as less legit / official, otherwise the Dem. and Rep. parties were only created and registered in 1840 and 1860 themselves, and they are obviously in bed together in terms of a political trust of sorts, otherwise they wouldnt attempt to beat out any other 3rd option, besides each other, by pooling their voters together on 1 candidate whenever there is an actual unbiased 3rd option besides their 2 fixed candidates)

⭐️ Use Freeze Pop Flavored Ice for ice cubes in your drinks to go - they keep the drink cool inside the container while also not watering it down as they melt since they are still in a plastic sleeve packaging, then after the drink is gone you can just drink the ice pops as well





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